Insurers are looking at how to take share from their competitors, get new products to market faster, acquire new business segments. The way to get there is leveraging technologies and channels like mobile.

Shane Cassidy,
North America Insurance

Bringing Customer-Centricity to Insurers

To stay competitive, insurers have recognized they must cater to their customers better and get their products to market faster.  

We’ve already helped 11 of the world’s 15 largest insurance companies change into innovative, customer-centric insurers of the future. Our partnership with Pegasystems, Guidewire, Thunderhead and FirstBest means you benefit from innovative technologies to become more competitive in the marketplace.

We bring:

  • Proven experience as a chosen partner for a large insurer's policy administration program. Strategic partner for four of the top five property & casualty insurers
  • Business information management solutions focused on reporting, risk management and compliance

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